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Human Relations Importance
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Human Relations refers to a systematic, developing body of knowledge devoted to explaining the behaviour of individuals or people in the working organization or concern. Human relations are an integral process through which the individual’s attitudes and work are combined or integrated. Purpose of human relations is to help in working more effectively with other people in organizations.

A human relations attempts to improve employee morale and motivation through an improved three way communications through employee involvement in the decision making processes. It emphasizes employee aspects of work rather than technical or economic aspects and tries to make employment and working conditions less impersonal.

Human Relations Approach stresses upon policies and techniques designed to improve employee morale and job satisfaction by increasing employee efficiency and reduction in employee unrest. It will help the manger to develop a better realization of how his own attitudes and behaviour play and part in routine work .

Develop an improved understanding of the problems of reconciling own interest and capabilities with the needs and goals of the organization of which he or she will be a member. Help him to anticipate and prevent problems, or atleast to resolve more effectively those that he cannot avoid. Assist manager to see things as they are not as they should or as he would like them to be and will certainly help him to cast aside some of the excess mental luggage that increases his mental load but not his effectiveness.

Finally, Study of human relations in business and industry is the study of how people can work effectively in groups in order to satisfy both organizational goals and personal needs . In other words , it is the medium through which both employees and organization mutually cooperate for the maximum satisfaction of the economic, social and psychological wants of all people having relations with an organization which has the objective of increasing productivity. Human Relation and chain can be better understood by indepth approach towards the same like the Philip Kotler who studied an indepth in the area of Marketing Management.

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