Significance Of Library

A library is a place where books are kept for the use of readers. People can read books there and can also borrow them. Libraries are the store houses of knowledge. Setting up a library is an old concept. In the ancient days there were no books. Information and knowledge were propagated from the teacher to the taught. But the picture changed with the invention of printing. Knowledge came to be stored in the form of books.

A need to arose to keep the books in a place so that a large number of people could read them. Thus libraries came

into existence. Man wants to improve his knowledge by reading books. There are thousands of books on each subject. One cannot buy all the books one wants to read. Also books have become costly and are mostly beyond the reach of common man. So Governments or voluntary organizations have to set up libraries . After independence setting up libraries has been taken up on a large scale. Today libraries play an important
role in the life of the common man.

Books are the property of nation. They are mark of human civilization. For keeping books of great value in tact libraries are necessary. Books have to be kept in a place where they are readily available for reading.

A library should have a decent building with proper ventilation. Newspapers, journals and periodicals are kept in libraries. Books kept in a library are classified. Generally catalogues giving the information about the books in a library are maintained. By going through the catalogue one can easily get the book one wants. There are a few libraries managed by private agencies.

Libraries help the public in several ways. They help us in reading valuable books. They help researchers. Some libraries store films and tapes besides books. Mobile libraries are also being set up.

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