Loreal Plenitude Dydrafresh Anti Acne Foundation

Loreal Plenitude DyDrafresh Anti-Acne Foundation Cream applied on face, covers minor imperfection firmness and moisture creating a flawless complexion. Powder foundation protects the skin from external irritants such as dust and wind.

At the same time it allows the skin to breathe not hindering the natural respiration and secretions of the skin. Ingredients of the Anti-Acne Foundation Cream are Vitamin C, Magnesium Phosphate, B-Caroten Melawhite Patent Component.

Function of Cream:  Use for

the metabolism of your skin the removal of melanin and the improvement of the rough and dark skin. With the physical sun-screen effect, it will fit the sensitive and mefanin skin for long term use to create your white, soft and smooth skin. Method of use: Use once every day and night. Expiry date : Two years. It’s a Loreal product.

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