Method Of Controlling Pollution

The method of controlling air pollution at source is complex. It can be controlled by proper use of raw materials, site locations for industries and using the modern technologies to reduce emissions. There is a mass transfer between soluble gas component and a solvent liquid HCL, HF and others can be removed by dissolving them in water. S02 can be absorbed in alkaline water. T he attraction forces between atoms, molecules and ions which hold a solid together fail at the surface of solids. Hence they cannot hold other materials such as gases and liquids. The absorption capacity of solid

increases with its porosity. Activated carbon, silica gets and earth are some of the important absorbents. The absorbents placed in suitable containers capture gaseous or liquid molecules passing through them. Vapours are usually controlled by condensations and is a suitable measure to combat the emissions of hydrocarbons and organic compounds having low vapour pressure. Gaseous pollutants can be controlled by chemical reactions with other elements. Setting chambers are
used to collect the heavy particles from a gas stream. The particles settle out due to gravity action. Electrical precipitators containing charged plates in the air or gas stream settle the particles with opposite charge. The use of natural gas instead of coal can avoid sulphuroxide and fly ash emission from power plants. LPG or CNG can be used instead of petrol and diesel in automobiles. Control of environmental pollution at source is very good attempt resulting in reduction of environmental pollution which not only effect human beings but also the other wonderful creatures living in this beautiful world. Method of controlling air and water pollution should be given thrust as everybody will get affected by the same. Pollution control board should take necessary action at their end with the full cooperation of the public at large.

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