Reasons For Killing Animals/cutting Of Trees

The fear of people about wild animals results in killing them. Hunting of wild animals for the sake of prestige and passion. To get money by selling the skins of lions, tigers, chitas, deers, crocodiles and snakes after killing them. Killing of elephants for the sake of their tusks. The decline in forest cover is also a reason for the decline in wild animals.

Wild animals die due to the lack of food, water and due to hunting by another animals. Killing of animals for food. The mechanization of agriculture results in the decline of domestic animals. Farmers prefer improved varieties

of domestic animals to get more yields results in the reduction of animal population. Exporting and indigenous use of meat results in the decline in animals.

Cutting of trees to makes furniture especially doors, windows etc . Cutting of tress for usage of fire wood in tobacco curing furnaces, domestic use etc and to make roads to clear traffics. Cutting of trees to avoid problems of electricity transmission lines and for industrial applications. For building of

trucks and to prepare land for cultivation.

To make interiors and gift articles. Cutting of trees like sandal wood for illegal purposes and export. To avoid the same canopy is to be done. Canopy means the spread of green cover (or leaves) of plants in forests. Due to the destruction of forests, the canopy levels in forest has declined to environmentally dangerous levels. The canopy level is above 40% only in 11% of total forest area in India.

Avoid cutting of trees and wild animals especially hunting them for fun and pleasure.  It is also a part of environment just like human beings.  People For Animals and other bodies are doing a wonderful job by protecting the animals.  Spreading greenery and green revolution should be given much importance with a greater lookout towards environment.  Everybody who take part in the act.  Let the flora and fauna may flourish bringing joy and happiness.

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