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Habitual buying behaviour occurs under condition of low consumer involvement and little significant brand difference. Consumer have little involvement in product category they simply go to the store and reach for a brand. If they keep reaching for the same brand, it is out of habit rather than strong brand loyalty. Consumer appear to have low involvement with most low costs, frequently purchased products.

Consumer behaviour does not pass through the usual belief attitude behaviour sequence. Consumers do not search extensively for information about the brands, evaluate brand characteristics, and make weighty decision about which brands to buy. Instead they passively

receive information as they watch television or read magazines.

Ad repetition creates brand familiarity rather than brand conviction. Consumers do not form strong attitudes toward a brand . They select the brand because it is familiar. They are not highly involved with the product.

Consumers may not evaluate the choice even after purchase. The buying process involves brand beliefs formed by passive

learning. Followed by purchase behaviour, which may or not be followed by evaluation. Buyers are not highly committed to any brand marketers of low involvement products with few brand difference often use price and sales promotions to stimulate product trial. In advertising for a low-involvement product , ad copy should stress only a few points.

Visual symbols and imagery are important because they can be remembered easily and associated with the brand. Ad campaigns should include high repetition of short-duration messages. Marketers can try to convert low involvement products into higher involvement ones by linking them to some involving issue. These strategies can raise consumer involvement from a low to a moderate level. However, they are not likely to propel the consumer into highly involved buying behaviour. The best example of Habitual Buying Behaviour can be observed in the purchase of Salt. People generally purchase without making much choice.

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