Essentials Of Questionnaire

The framer or setter of the questionnaire must pay attention to the following points in constructing an appropriate and effective questionnaire or schedule:

a) The framer must keep in view the problem he or she is to study for it provides the starting point for developing the questionnaire/schedule.  He or she must be clear about the various aspects of his problem to be dealt with in the course of his project.

b) Appropriate form of questions depends on the nature of information sought, the sampled respondents and the kind of analysis intended.  Framer must decide whether to use closed or open ended

questions.  Question should be simple and must be constructured with a view to their forming a logical part of a well thought out tabulation plan.  Units of enumeration should be defined clearly so that
they can ensure accurate and full information.

c) Rough draft of the questionnaire be prepared, giving due thought to an appropriate sequence of putting quesstions.  Questionnaries previously drafted (if handy) may be well be looked into this stage.

d) Framer must invariably re-examine, and in case of need may revise the rough draft for a better one.  Technical defects must be minutely scrutizined and removed.

e) Pilot study should be undertaken for pre-testing the questionnaire and may be edited in the light of the results of the pilot study.

f) Questionnaire must contain simple but straight forward directions for the respondents so that theymay not feel any difficulty in answering the questions.

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