Results Of Overpopulation

Consequences of overpopulation may be shortage of living place, shortage of food, shortage of fresh air, water and Depletion of natural resources. The problems arise due to overpopulation can be poverty, unemployment, low per capita income, reduced savings and investment, trade deficit, growing indebtedness, increasing welfare expenditures. Due to overpopulation the pressure on land and agriculture increases which results in unemployment and reduced wages which lead to poverty.


The stiff competition increases cost of living and decreases income and savings. Growth of industrial and service sectors suffer due to the lack of inputs. The demand for public support and welfare expenditure

will move in over population countries. A huge investment is required to support programmes related to education, health, social security and their basic needs. Migration from rural areas to urban areas cause additional problems for water, sanitation, housing and transportation. The slum area increases. The over population reduces social control and increases crimes.

Countries with overpopulation face unique political problems, illiteracy and poverty keep people away from participating in politics. The political subsystem becomes rigid,

dominant and corruptive in the absence of participation of people. Such political system creates insecurity among people especially in youth. This may lead to extreme situations. The bad political system results in increase in imports and decrease of exports. This results in trade deficit and depletion of Foreign Exchange Currency. External debts and payment of interests weaken the country in international society. Population growth is a threat to global environment. The consumption of non-recoverable natural resource increases

. The overpopulation demand for more food production, industrial production, electricity generation, accommodation, clothing , transport facilities etc. They may cause environmental pollution. The development of a country is hampered due to more population and annual population growth. Agricultural land will become and becoming residential lands. Forests are getting converted into agricultural lands. Agricultural growth is reducing due to over population.

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