Channels Of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an interactive marketing system that uses one or more advertising media to effect a measureable respond and or transaction at any location. Direct marketing is direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationship. Benefits of direct marketing are convenient and hassle free for consumer, saves time, offers a larger selection of products, gives opportunity of comparative shopping using main catalogs and online shopping services.

Major channels of direct marketing are face to face selling. Representatives of the firm meet the prospects in person to carry out the selling task.

Direct mail marketing involves sending announcement, offer, cassettes, reminder, gifts to a prospect or customer through mail at his or her particular address. Catalog marketing occurs when firms mail one or more product catalogs to selected addresses who have a high likelihood of placing an order. Catalogs are sent by one or more.

Telemarketing is done by using the telephone to sell directly to consumers. Direct

response marketers air television spots, that describes a product in a persuasive manner and provide a toll free number for ordering. Home Shopping Channels are channels in TV exclusively for ads these channels are dedicated for selling goods and services. Channels broadcast 24 hours a day and customers order for products and services through the toll free number call. Goods are generally shipped within 48 hours. Hosts offer bargain prices on various products.

Kiosks are customer order placing machines designed and placed in stores, airports and locations. Kiosk system reads customer data from encoded registration badges and produces technical data sheets that can be printed at the kiosk or faxed or mailed to the customer.

Online marketing is conducted through interactive online computer systems which link consumers with sellers electronically . Services that offer online information and marketing services to subscribers who pay monthly fee.

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