Role Of Computers In Training And Education

Computers have been used in schools and colleges since the first apples were introduced in the seventies. Impact was limited because there were not enough of then and educational computer programming was poor.

As technology improved, educational software has become a major influence at all levels from elementary schools to universities. Ability to connect computes and student together over the network such as the internet opened up fantastic educational opportunities. In colleges computers are increasingly being used to teach courses that any one would like to take.

Elementary and secondary schools are using computers to play multimedia educational programs and to teach

kids to explore the web for knowledge and information. Museums use interactive multimedia to educate visitors on topics from science
to art. Computers are especially valuable for students with special needs.

Training programs in business , various organizations are huge and expensive. Saving money and improving performance, companies or organizations are using computer based training people on procedures and techniques they need to know in their jobs.

Computer based training ranges from relatively simple on line help systems to high advanced virtual reality machines such as those used by the military, airlines, scientific organizations to train people effectively in developing their overall performance. Computers in education and as well as in training is quite helpful to the society at large.

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