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Classification of Nouns
Published By manas on 2011-03-10 785 Views

Nouns may be broadly divided into two types namely common nouns and proper nouns.  Common nouns are the names given to all persons, places or things of the same class.  Example man, boy, month, city.

Proper nouns are the names of particular person, places or things.  Eg: Sita, Ramesh, Mary, May,  Andhra Pradesh, India.

Proper nouns begin with a capital number.  Common nouns include another class known as collective nouns.   Collective noun names a group or collection of people, animals, or things regarded as a whole. 

Example : Crowd - A group of people.

Nouns can be divided into concrete nouns and abstract nouns. Concrete nouns are those which can can see and touch.  Abstract Nouns are those which we cannot see or touch. Example of concrete nouns: Table, House, Woman  and Abstract nouns are beauty,  freedom.

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