Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is a software which allows  developers to create a program that automates a series of actions in a flow of work resulting in to perform routine taks at present time periods.  Software allows the developer to automate the series of tasks that would ordinarily have been completed by the managers and office staff.  Provide an opportunity for firms to reengineer their business processes . Workflow software  may be constructed or built around email systems, word processing software, database software and even fax system. 

Email based workflow software gives two types of development tools namely

forms creation tool and scripting language.  Typical applications for email-based systems are order processing, expense account reporting, document review and approval. 

Workflow products allow developers to use scripting tools to extract needed data from existing information system like budget system, inventory system and account receivables etc.  Workflow software gives the status of the work in the flow and that provides statistics on the number of documents processed, average time the process taken.  Software increases productivity and streamline workflow.

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