Vara Laxmi

Varalaxmi puja is being done to welcome the Goddess Laxmi ,the bestower of richness and prosperity. It is generally celebrated in the State of Andhra Pradesh on one of the four Fridays of a particular month. The womenfolk generally get up early in the morning and have a oil bath. They clean their household and put mango leaves on the entrance of the main door and specially on the door of the pooja room. They also put rangoli (paintings) in front of their house with beautiful colours.

A day before the festival most of the women generally do the shopping

for the festival which includes purchasing of coconut, betel leaves, supari, flowers, sindoor and sweets for the celebrations along with the mango leaves. They fast whole day andin the evening they beautifully decorate the pooja room with a small pot with a coconut  putting it upside down. Then they make the beautiful face of the Goddess with wet turmeric powder and draw the eyes of the goddess beautifully. A small piece
of cloth is kept before the goddess and puja being performed with devotion.  After puja aarti is being done.

Womenfolks generally invite their friends and aged women folk to offer their prayers in groups.   Some devotional stories also told by elderly person. After the puja is over the Prasad is disturbed. Some special items are cooked which everyone in the family enjoy after the puja. Devotees are given betel leaves and supari . It is believed that those who perform the puja will be blessed by the Mother Goddess Laxmi with richness and prosperity. Now-a-days, most of the puja items can be easy got in  devotional items shop.

Womenfolk generally await for this festival eagerly which falls generally in the month of July and August. In some states especially in Andhra Pradesh most of the schools were given holidays . Children do enjoy the festival very much by singing devotional songs along with their elders.

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