Tribute To Anand

The stylish hero of Indian Cinema  Mr. Dev Anand is no more. The way he lived had inspired many of the young talented artists whom we brought into the world of Indian Cinema. Especially the film “Guide” as proved to be the most successful film. He dedicated his entire life for promoting the Indian Cinema . He not only acted and also made various film which had drawn general public to the Indian Cinema. The entire bollywood would be indebted to him for the service which he had provided to the Indian Cinema.
The young and old used to enjoy
each and every film of Mr. Dev Anand . The smile on his face was very attractive and the cap which he used to wore made him look like gentleman. He can be better described as workaholic who never got tired in doing roles and promotion of the Indian Cinema. He has the credit to be awarded the greatest Indian
Cinema Award and also won the heart of the people.
The energy with which Mr. Dev Anand ji used to put in Cinema made the other artist who put their level best performance. He not only acted in films but also introduce many artist in the Indian Cinema who will always remember him with lot of respect and love.
The whole industry got shocked when the news appeared about his demise. One of the greatest actor who ruled the world of Indian cinema for such a long period has left a mark. It will enlighten every up coming actor and will guide them towards the path of success through hardwork and determination. May God bless such a lovely soul with peace. Millions will follow his path and will try to uplift the Indian Cinema to the greater heights. Mr. Dev Anand was a versatile personality with a pleasing smile and a great look.

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