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Badrinath is one of the holy places which attract tourist from all over the world. Nature can be better experienced through the journey one covers in reaching Badrinath. Badrinath temple presiding deity is Lord Vishnu. The temple is very ancient and located on the mountain. People face a little difficult in reaching the temple. Badrinath lies in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand State. The Alakananda river flows at full swing attracting everyone’s attention. The aarti performed after the prayers is worth watching.
Haridwar is the railway station from where one can reach Badrinath by bus. The journey is little bit tiresome

but after reaching the temple one forgets all the tireness. The local people generally sell all puja items at a nominal cost. The other temples which one can visit include Yogadhyan badri, Bhavishya Badri, Bridha Badri and Adi Badri. The lodging and boarding facility is available and one can book a room in advance from various travel agents. It is believed
that only few people can reach the temple in his or her life time and have a darshan of the Lord Vishnu. Private helipad services are also available to reach the destination. The prasad is distributed after the puja.
The other interesting places to visit near the badrinath temple are Mata Murti , Alka Puri , Satopanth Govindghat ,Joshimath,Panch Prayag, Deoprayag,Rudraprayag,Nandprayag,Karnaprayag, Vishnuprayag and Srinagar. One can halt for a night and morning walk through the valley will make feel much better. The local tiffins, meals can be enjoyed and the special programme during the yearly celebrations draw much more attraction. Special pujas are being performed. On return journey one can purchase some items from the local shops to keep the memories of the Badrinath wonderful moments.

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