Trade Union

Trade Unions are voluntary organisations of workers or men .  Workers from an association in order to protect and safeguard their economic interests and put up a united resistance against exploitation by the industralialist in some cases.  Mostly, all workers in a particular occupation are the members of the trade union representing their occupation.  There is no element of compulsion or force in membership.  If a worker so desires he can stay away from the trade union.

Objective of trade union is to promote and protect the interests of its members and to

accomplish certain social responsibilities.  Economic objectives include attain better conditions for the workers, stable employment, increased propersity of industry for their members in the form of bonus, secure better wages, cooperate in and facilitate technological advance by broadening the understanding of workers on underlying issues.

Social responsibilities are promotion of national integration, influencing the socio-economic policies of the community through active participation in their formulation at various levels and instilling in members  a sense of responsibility towards industry and the community

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