Tirupati Temple is located in Chittor District of Andhra Pradesh State, India.  It is well known temple where the main deity is Lord Shri Venkateshwara or  Shri Balaji.  The temple is very old  and prayers are offered with devotion regularly.  Devotees from all over the world visit the temple to offer their prayers.  Especially the people from India  generally visit  in the month of October  during the time of Dassera festival and Summer Vacation. Tirupati is well connected with road, rail and airways.  Special Trains are being runned by Indian Railways connecting to Tirupati.

Good accomodation along with all amenties are available.  Sometimes

people have to wait in queues for two to three days to have a Darshan of  Lord Balaji or Venkateshwara.  Tirupati Laddu (Prasad) is very famous all over the world.  It is being made with pure ghee.

Early morning prayers and evening aarti is worth watching.  People generally

offer cash, kind and jewellery and take lord blessings.  They are  many places nearby Tirupati for visit.  Surround by the mountains and natural beauty with full devotion of the people is the main attraction of the temple. It is believed that the wishes get fulfilled after praying to the God Shri Balaji.

Many eminent personalities do pay a visit to the holy shrine and get the blessings.  It is a world famous temple with lot of donations in the form of offerings from people do come.  Temple authorities  provide free meals, education and many more services to all. 

Its a really wonderful place to visit.


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