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Thatched houses are slowly declining day-by-day. The construction of the house is much cheaper than the pucca house. It does not take much time to construct the same. Most of the people generally go for pucca house because of safety and security. One can hardly find any thatched house in the city.

The art of building the thatched houses is worth watching. People generally clean the place where the house is to be constructed and lot of mud, stones, bamboos, twigs and heaps of hay is collected. First the mud is mixed tightly with water and the stones are placed one

rows and columns. It gives the shape of the wall. The four bamboos are placed at the corner to give support. They will acts a pillars. The gap between the rows and columns are filled with the mixed mud and make it to dry. Generally they leave some space for windows and door for ventilation and exit. Three bamboos are taken and one is kept at
the centre and other two are tied in such a manner to give the 3D shape. Remaining bamboos are used to make a mesh on which hay bundles are placed and tied with twigs. The entire structure is kept on the wall. The construction part is finished. Doors and windows are later attached to the respective points.

Some people generally decorate the thatched house with rangoli colour to make a beautiful look. But the most important thing is to remember is the provision of tarpaulin or plastic sheets at the top of the house to cover the entire roof to escape from rain. Incase of summer it difficult to live in the house. During the Diwali festival it is always better to protect the house from fireworks by taking adequate measures. It is good enjoy a day at the same who gain some experience on simple living style.

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  • manas  28-08-2015

    House is a must and should for everyone. It not only gives shelter but we relax happily if we have a own house.  It also gives the life the safest place of security.

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