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Teaching is one of the best profession where one can spread knowledge and also gain in the process. It requires lot of patience and quench to learn new aspects in the subject. The good command over the subject will certainly benefit a lot. It is not only the duty of teacher to teach the subject but also to make the subject much more interesting through adopting various methods.

Some of the methods which a teacher can adopt is like Role-Play Method, Case-Study Method etc. The entire process of learning should evolve interactions on the subject from both the sides. The active

participation of Participants will help the teacher to understand the problematic areas where he or she can concentrate and develop techniques to make easier for the Participants to learn the subject.

Nothing is impossible. Trying to adopt the new technology and invention through scientific method will benefit a lot with time saving and also energy. The introduction part of the subject is vital. Careful preparation has to be made before

making the presentation. Lesson plan forms an effective tools in the designing of a successful course. It helps in many ways through knowing the subject to be covered within a period of time.

Withdrawing effective feedback from the participant will help the teacher or instructor for giving better performance in the future classes. Proper care should be taken in bringing out the feedback in an effective manner. Active support from the participants is necessary at all times.

Questions related to the subject should be entertained . It is the basic principle to study is to make the subject clear to understand to the participant. Teaching is nothing but to make the better person better through learning process. It is to bring out the best through adopting various methods by enlightening the mind of the learner.




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  • manas  28-08-2015

    The art of sharing knowledge and gaining the same through teaching is the best gift which one can only understand when they are in the same profession. Teaching is the best gift one can give to the society.

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