Survey Feedback

Survey Feedback Technique is derived from a long tradition of attitude measurement and survey research. It is very valuable information and efficient techniques for fostering organizational effectiveness. Techniques starts with information which is gathered through comprehensive questionnaire.

Questionnaire consist of company related multiple choice item. Items contained in the questionnaire focus on such key organizational issues as employee satisfaction, quality and styles of leadership and various facets of organizational climate like decision-making and coordination. Survey feedback results are fed directly to the participants rather than to the top management. This information must be clear and accurate. The results must be presented

in a non-threatening and constructive manner to the employees.

Survey feedback programme will be considered incomplete and meaningless if it does not contain the provision of developing an action plan to deal with the problems. The management should develop an action plan that is both straight forward and workable. Hence, participants are asked about their recommendations, about how to resolve the problems

that are uncovered in the survey. The basic purpose of survey feedback is to assist the organisation in diagnosing problems and developing action plans for problem solving. It also assists the group members to improve the relationships through discussion of common problems.

Advantages of Survey Feedback Techniques are can yield a great amount of information and data efficiently and quickly. Decision making and problem solving abilities of the organisation can be improved tremendously because this approach applies the competene and knowledge throughout the organisation to the organizational related issues. It emphasizes and promotes two way communication in the organisation. It can increase the influence of the lower level managers. It has a broad coverage and include all the members of the organisation. Information it provides often serves as the basic for concrete plans to enhance organizational effectiveness. It is flexible and can be applied to many organizations and to many problems.

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Survey Feedback Technique
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