Spending Holidays In Better Way

People generally look for holidays. After tedious work at the office for 5 or 6 days a week for hours together people generally look for spending sometime with family, friends, near and dear ones on holidays. Body also gets joyful after a break from the tedious work.
Some people generally spent holidays by watching television and chatting with others. We cannot say that not fair because every person has got freedom to spend his time without disturbing others. Some people find it difficult to spend the holidays. They generally search what to do on such days.
The following activities may

help them in enjoying, helping and spending their valuable time:
1. May visit some orphanage, home for the aged and can spend some time with them. Share his/her experience and also know their experiences. May know their
feelings, understanding and problem and try to help them if possible.
2. Taking up a social activity like conducting of Seminar, Counselling Classes for young, build their career etc. It will help in developing a rapport with each other.
3. Reading a good book on any subject will also help them in developing their knowledge, right attitude towards life. It will also improve your vocabulary.
4. Helping someone at home is another way of spending holiday in a better way. People may require our help but they will something feel difficult to ask for the same. It will be kind gesture to help them in some way or other.
It is left upon us how to utilize the holidays in better way and for the betterment of society at large.


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Pen is mightier than sword. It has always been and will be. Creative thoughts can be developed and circulated among the public to overall growth and development. Writing is the only way through which one can do the same. I have a deep inclination towards writing.

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