1 Trip to Shirdi Sai Dham

Shirdi is the holy place where baba had spell bounded the devotees with his miracles. The sayings of baba still lingers in the heart of the people not only in Shirdi but also every corner of the world. The simple living and way of baba's teaching attracted the devotees much closer. Patience and Devotion are the two words which people will not forget and will try to advocate the same in their entire life. These two words are gifted by Shri Shirdi Sai Baba himself. Baba not only remove obstacles from the life of people but not preached everyone that God is One. Respected all the religions.


Shri Sai Baba not only ruled the world of people but animals loved

him very much. He used to share his meals with animals especially dogs, pigeon. He also taught the true sense of yoga and practiced the same throughout his life. Baba also assured his devotees that he will answer all the questions of devotees and also expressed that his devotees house will not find insufficiency of food and other items. He not only lit the oil lamps with water but also showed that with devotion and good attitude one can reach the path of success. He eradicated the cholera from the Shirdi. Due importance to gardening and making everyone’s life beautiful was the great art which baba shown to everyone practically.Shirdi is well accessible by road and railways.

One can have a darshan of Shri Sai baba and can feel the presence of him. The aarti is performed at morning, mid day, evening and at night with full devotion and people offer flowers, sweets (pedda), coconut at the feet of Shri Sai baba. The neem tree where baba used to sit is still present and make us feel that baba is omnipresent and will help us whenever we call him. Lodging and boarding facilities available at a nominal cost. Shirdi Sanasthan people provide meal at a nominal price which devotees generally accept with full devotion. Shirdi is certainly blessed by Sai Baba presence.


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