Sacrifice is the word gives displeasure to our heart. It is the human tendency to be possessive. It not only makes the individual self centred but also make him isolate from the others in long run. He understands it in the latter life. To obtain the true happiness and success in one’s life one should try to undergo metamorphosis . In the process he has to sacrifice many things which may be very much dearer to him. Our mind may accept the things but our heart doesnot allow us to do the same. The best possible solution could be listen

to your mind because sometimes we take wrong decisions by listening to our heart.

It is also not possible for a man to get habituated with the word sacrifice in his life. It depends upon the situation on which the need arise. It is better to understand the problem first and search out the best alternative solution to the same. If situation depends then only one can incorporate

the word sacrifice which may result in loosing something closer to us. But looking from the other angle one can certainly gain a lot in return. God has given all of us a great brain to think and act. It is not wiser to sacrifice in every case. It should be the last option. Never look back once you take the decision for sacrifice. It may given you a lot of pain in your life.

Sacrifice for a worthy cause is always welcome. In some cases, the sacrifice may bring happiness in your life. But nothing is impossible. Try to develop the art of sacrifice because it may become a handy tool when necessary in latter life. The pain in giving or sacrifice will not hurt much. The ultimate philosophy of the life should be `Live and Let Others Live’.  Having a human touch in life is essential.

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Pen is mightier than sword. It has always been and will be. Creative thoughts can be developed and circulated among the public to overall growth and development. Writing is the only way through which one can do the same. I have a deep inclination towards writing.

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  • manas  28-08-2015

    Sacrifice can be done only those people who are good at heart .  It gives mental satisfaction and happiness to soul.  

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