Role Of Fruits

Fruits occupy a vital place in keeping good health and doctor do prescribe the same. It is well said that an apple a day keeps doctor away. It is good to have some fruit or other in day-to-day life. Some fruits are costly and some very cheap but both gives us good health. People who cannot afford to go for the same they enjoy the lesser one.
The variety of fruits include mango, guava, pineapple, custard apple, pomegranate, litchi, banana, apple, watermelon, oranges, strawberry, grapes, dates etc. In mangoes also one can enjoy the different varieties of the same mostly

in summer season. The seasonal fruits can be enjoyed at its best. In India, fruits occupy a predominant place. It is given offered to God and taken as Prasad. Especially the coconut and bananas. Having banana regularly helps in keeping good health and the coconut increases the digestion power. The grape juice is very essential to infant and children.
Elders may also take the same.
The tasty mango juice can be enjoyed in the mid summer and in the rainy reason the mango pulp can be taken. The watermelon quench the thirst during the summer. The dates also serve the purpose of increasing the red blood corpuscles which is essential for those who lack sufficient amount of blood. The mix fruit custard can be enjoyed at this level best in parties. Nothing is important than having a sound health. It is aptly said that good mind lives in a sound body. Without health nothing can be enjoyed. Fruits do help in maintaining the same and the body temperature.
Especially during the festival of Ramzan people after fasting do take a lot of fruits and especially the dates. It help them in many ways. Fruits are easily digestible and can produce tremendous energy which is very essential for one’s living.

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