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Breathing problem is the biggest problem which one suffer in any stage of life. Breathing problem in children develop and grows. The proper way of breathing will help in curtailing the problem with the same. Understanding the concept will help in developing a sound human system which gives much energy to work . Many problems do rise with the lack of knowledge of breathing. An idea over the same will help people in leading a normal life with good health.
Breathing for relaxation should be moderate, slow and rhythmic. Don’t hold your breath and don’t take short gasping breaths. Your
whole chest should be involved in breathing not just the top half . Use both chest and diaphragam muscles. Don’t fully inhale or exhale. Don’t force your breathing, make it natural. Sigh or take deep breaths if you need to. Do try to make it moderate, slow and rhythmic.
Don’t hold your breath . During a normal day we take between
16,000 and 21,000 breaths. Automatic action of breathing is one of the first things to go when we become stressed. Our breathing gets shallower and speed up erratically. Erratic breathing patterns may lead to disorientation and emotional wavering, which can create even more stress – a vicious cycle begins. The breathing pattern and learning to control is important activity in learning to control stress.
Brain controls our breathing by checking the ratio between oxygen and carbondioxide in the blood. We exhale when the carbondioxide makes the blood too acidic. Fast, deep breathing make us expend too much carbondioxide, leaving the blood in an alkaline state. It shows that dizziness and disorientation, as the brain is famished of carbondioxide. It is always better to consult a physician or an expert in the field who can provided valuable suggestion in this matter.

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