Promotion And Advertising

Promotion mix is the specific combination of promotion tools used by a company to communicate to its audience or buyer and is more than advertising. It consists of four major tools advertising, sales promotion, publicity and personal selling which make up the production mix. Advertising may an im;portant role in the promotion mix. Advertisement is the main key for any successful business. Without advertising everything will be difficult to manage. It helps in flourishing one's business by leap and bounds.
Advertising is paid form of non-personal presentation , promotion of ideas, good or services by an recognized sponsor. It is

an impersonal salesmanship for huge selling, a means of communication. Sales promotion consists of short-term incentives to promote purchase or sale of
product or service.

Publicity is a non personal stimulation of demand for a product, service or business unit by placing commercially important news in publication or obtaining favourable presentation of it. Especially through television and radio publicity is made to reach the population at large who may be or may not be aware of the product which the company proposes to have a greater sales. Personal selling on the other hand is an oral face to face communication and presentation with the prospect for making sales . There may be one or many prospects in the personal conversation or talk. These promotion mix elements have a definite role in all stages in encouraging selling process.

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