Production Planning

Production planning is a management technique which tries to gain the best utilization of a firm's manufacturing facilities. It takes into consideration a given product or line of products and organize in advance the manpower, materials, machines and money required for a predetermined output in a given period of time.
Production control is the process of planning production in advance of operations, establishing the correct route of each individual item, part or assembly; setting, starting and finishing dates for each important item, assembly and the finished products and releasing necessary orders as well as taking steps required follow-up to the

effect the smooth functioning of the enterprise.

Main functions of production planning

control in planning phase consists of prior planning and active planning. Action phase consists of dispatching and finally the control phase consists of progress reporting and corrective action. To make better planning and control of production it is required to have a complete knowledge of the products to be manufactured. A knowledge of the number of types of each production machine, processing unit which would be required together with their feeds, speeds and productive capabilities. Knowledge of time required to complete each part and the finished product or final outcome as a whole; a knowledge of the sequence of operations is essential.


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