Probasi Durga Pujo

Probasi bangali are those people who reside outside the hometown of Kolkata, India. They generally have a strong unity by forming various cultural and social association. They celebrated every festival with joy, gaiety and love to associate with people. The festival starts with Durga Puja and ends with Saraswati Puja. The entire Bangla culture is brought alive. They arrange various cultural events which took both men and women take part.

The following few poem lines depicts how the probasi bangali people celebrated durga puja.

Probasi Pujo

Form Association
Unite Everyone
Make Home
Wherever we go

Celebrate Pujo
Happiness flows
In every corner
Joy flows.


and young
Join together
Make success
Probasi pujo.

Pujo’s Preparation

Unite ourselves
Make it success
Fulfill our dreams
Programmes indeed

Share responsibilities
Care everything
Workhard in teams
Make pujo of dreams

Dreams come true
People applause us
With a small team
Make pujo of Dreams

Everyone’s Pujo

Wonderful season
Full of flowers
Bird singing at peak
People enjoy drumbeat (dhak).

Morning and Evening
Attend pandals
Family and friends
Wonderful decorations.

Lot of rush
Lot of struggle
Finally we reach
Maa Durga’s Feet.


Mahasashthi Pujo

Awaiting for pujo
Two months before
Mahasashthi Pujo
Begin’s Durga pujo

Bodhan, Amantran
Adhibas, Sandhyarati
Awaiting eagerly
Pushanjali and Prasad bitaran

Awaiting for pujo
Two months before
Mahasashthi Pujo
Begin’s Durga pujo


Count down begins
Sacred day of Saptami
Begins with joy
Happiness surrounds.

Nabapatrikar Prabesh
Maa Durga’s sthapan
Mahasnan, puja and arati
Follows pushpanjali

Mid day bhog
Enjoy it sure
Followed by programmes
In the evenings.

Maha Asthami

People looks forward
For the sacred day
Comes once in a year
For Near & Dear.

Kumari puja,Sandhi Pujo’s
Special attraction
Ends with balidan
Pushpanjai, Prasad bitaran

108 lotus, oil lamps lit
Glorious moment
Everyone must see
On Mahashtami.


With tired faces
Attend the pandal
Pandal looks scanty

/> On Mahanavami

Homa, Balidan
Prayers performed
Rangoli, Painting
Poetry Competition

Prizes are disturbed
Bring cheer on faces
Remember events
Spend with dear ones.

Vijaya Dashami

Women folks await
Wonderful Day
Sindoor Utsav Celebration
Enjoy full extent

Pantha Bath, Dhoi Chedi
Special Bhog for Maa
Pushpanjali,Aparjitha puja
Final Bisarjan

Decorated procession
Kurta & dhotis for men
Red bordered sarees women
Proceed to Maa’s Bisarjan.

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Pen is mightier than sword. It has always been and will be. Creative thoughts can be developed and circulated among the public to overall growth and development. Writing is the only way through which one can do the same. I have a deep inclination towards writing.

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