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It was in the month of May, I got the results of X standard. I have cleared the examination with First Class. I am happy that I can get a seat in a reputed college. I already decided in my mind to join the commerce group as it will fetch me with a good job in Banking, MNC or a Government job.

After finishing the formalities in the college, I got a seat in the Government College about 8 kms from my residence. I requested my father to provide me a bus pass. The first day in the college was not

at all bad. Students were asked by the faculty to introduce themselves in the class. I came from college around 4: 30 p.m in the evening. I had a habit of noting down the daily events in the diary. I didn’t think that it will be of some use in future for reference. I prayed to God that I should get a good friend with whom I can share my wonderful moments of my life.

I was about sixteen years old and it was natural to have a girl friend. But, except God nobody knows that I was having a deep desire for a girlfriend. One day in the

evening when I was returning from college a strange thinghappened. A girl who was my neighbour looked at me and smiled. I didn’t reciprocate.

Mother told me that the girl who smiled at me had come to our house and entered my room. I got very much annoyed and said to my mother “Why did you let her inside?” quickly reached the room. Everything wasintact except the diary. I got surprised to see the diary was wide opened and could smell somebody has read the contents. I came to know from my mother that the girl name as Priya. She has just completed her X Standardexamination and has joined in a girl’s college. She confessed that she had read my personal diary when she was looking for economics text book.

I scolded her and told never to read one’s personal diary. It was the first moment in my life to talk with a girl so closely and which was later develop into the everlasting bond. I thank God for getting Priya as a friend with whom I can share some of the wonderful moments especially the college incidents.

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