Pre-requisites Of A Good Investigator

Sound knowledge of law is pre-requisite to be a good investigator.  He should be well versed with legal provisions relating to procedure , penal and special and local laws.  He must have both imagination and curiosity and ability to use them advantageously.   Intuitition is one of the vital qualities of a good investigator. 

Investigator should have excellent organisational capabilities like organizing the data, liaison with other agencies, leading the team etc.  He should be emotionally well balanced, detached, inquisitive, suspecting, discerning, self-disciplined and preserving.  Ability to write quality report is a must with collecting and presenting the admissible evidence before the

court of law . 

Good criminal investigator shall preferably possess the following


1) Extraordinary capacity or observation, recall and attention to detail.

2) Objectivity and freedom from preconceived notions.

3) Perseverance, zeal, fact and application of knowledge,

4) Strong Commonsense

5) Be a good judge of human psychology

6) Agreeable manners with firmness in dealings.

7) Standard education with a knowledge about elementary principles and application of science and technology.

8) Proficiency in writing reports

9) Sincerity, honesty and integrity and strong will and determination to achieve the desired result.

Finally, cultivating and effectively using informers and sources.

Article Written By manas

Pen is mightier than sword. It has always been and will be. Creative thoughts can be developed and circulated among the public to overall growth and development. Writing is the only way through which one can do the same. I have a deep inclination towards writing.

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