1 Unknown Habit - Biting Nails

Biting Nails has become a common habit especially during wait for everyone eagerly. The same can be found  when one enjoys a thrilling movie or watching the foot ball, tennis or cricket match in neck to neck competition. Children do bit the nails in afraid of  somebody or something. The habit of nail biting is common and is unknowingly done. People want to do ride of the same. But, they do not know how to do the same.


Nail biting can be get ridden off by properly cutting the nail whenever they grew. It is healthy and hygiene too. Some love people

to keep the nail as a style. It is nothing wrong to do the same provided it has to be cleaned properly and try to see that no dust enters in the same. It is better to cut the nails of the children whenever they grew up because especially the babies really get hurt on the face. The possibility of germs in the nails could be high.

Lot of people every try to bite the nails unknowingly with teeth which result in

entering of germs from the nail into the stomach through mouth  resulting in health problem. It is also good to keep nails shorter especially those who are in typing job and similar profession. The keeping of big nails may result in breaking of nail and severe pain. In modern world, due to the revolutionary change in the cosmetics field and beauty, the art of keeping nails soft and clean has become easy. The proper maintenance will not only give beauty of the body and also help the people who are in the fashion field to look better.

The most important thing that most of the people do neglect is that they simply throw the nail cutter after using the same . The nail cutter may be kept handy and should be neatly maintained.





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