1 Memorable Dassera

It was in the month of October, Dassera is being celebrated all over India. This year, I wanted to gift Priya . Priya is very simple, god fearing, soft spoken girl with much inclination towards God. She told me before that she will fast for 10 days and visit temple daily. I decided to spend some time with her and told my mother that I will bring milk for 10 days and also the fresh vegetables for evening.

Mother got happy that her son as slowing shouldering the responsibilities. After having bath, I regularly got the milk and spent some time with

Priya. I met her in temple and was spellbound with her garba dance before Goddess Durga. She was looking gorgeous in gagra and choli. She is about 5 feet 8 inch with fair complexion, chubby cheeks with pin coloured pinks. Eyes are broad with broad smile, curly hair upto shoulders.

On the drum beats, the married women and girls dance before the Goddess Durga. A holy pot with an oil lamp lit is kept at the center which is known as Garba. It is especially seen all

/> over India during Navaratri. Unknowingly my eyes fell on the garba dance. Priya came towards me and greeted me with happy Dassera. I reciprocated the same.

She put a tilak on my forehead and prayed for my good health, prosperity and progress. I wanted to thank her, but couldn’t as mother is waiting for vegetables. That night I couldn’t sleep. I prayed to God for her well being and thanked the God for giving me a good friend. Following morning, I was surprised to see Priya in her new dress. She was wearing white chudidhar with a red orni.

She greeted me with a broad smile and express to spend some time with me. I told mother I will be going to attend the Durga Puja at a pandal and will come back in the evening. We both sat in a local bus and the entire journey has very pleasant. She got tried, as it seems and slowly rested her hand on my shoulders. What a memorable moment of Dassera.

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