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1 Way of Managerial Thinking
Published By manas on 2011-11-03 117 Views

Management is one of the subjects gaining importance in everyone’s life. Without proper management the world will come to standstill. Any organization to succeed in developing itself needs a better management. Management may be defined as an activity of managing all the resources human and as well as material resources. The ultimate aim of management is to make maximum profits with a minimum effort. It should also encompasses the society welfare and deep inclination towards the development of the organization at large.
Management is not by the way of understanding the people and their orientation towards their job or performance of their job in a better way. But it is to understand the lack of the same and filling the gaps with proper allocation of resources both men and material. Needs a dynamic leadership with distinguished abilities. Abilities to bring out an excellent network and reducing the wide gap with prior thinking.
Nothing is impossible should be the managers aim for developing a organizational towards excellence. Besides providing in-depth training and need to analyze the issues pertaining to the management development and growth should be emphasized. Having a sound financial resource is not enough for any organization. It should be better guided by a group of leaders with dynamic vision and with a mission.
Management cannot be taught under classroom and practical experimentation will help in developing a manager to a dynamic leader. Dynamic Leader can win for others, command the organization towards effective and efficient management. The might is right philosophy should not be advocated at any cost in an organization. Better to listen and understand the concept of management, their problems and advocating a effective strategy will help in long run. Making the people to understand their role is the way which can be adopted towards the successful management process. By stimulating motivation through rewards, career planning and development organization can itself lead over the others.
Management should also try to be effectively utilize and understand the Government policies and regulations. It should try to utilize the same for the betterment of the organization at large. Many organizations do ignore the same and face severe consequences in the latter stages. Proper studying of the Government policies and regulation will help in removing the obstacles and challenges from the Government.
 Management should deal with the problems according to priority basis. The allocation of maximum resources (especially men, material and finance) will have a negative impact on the organization. Proper studying the market and the consumer needs will help in developing a tie between men, material and finance which is considered to be the life blood for any organization. Management should never stop any creative ideas at all the three levels of management. Any idea can generate a spark which can enlighten the organization towards an unimaginable excellence. Handling the management is the difficult task and should be given prior importance at all levels of management.
Finally, to conclude management should try to understand the pulse of men, material and Government Policies and Regulations. This will help in reaping greater benefits for organization with welfare orientedness.





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