Management Development

Management Development is a process of gradual, systematic improvement in the knowledge, skills, attitudes and performance of those individuals or person in an organisation or concern who carrymanagement responsibilities.  It is a process of development .

Managerial behaviour is the product of individual characteristics and organizational environment.  Environment of an organisation is shaped by managerial behaviour and it is the result of the processes that operate within the organisational systems.

Management development is the outcome of the experience and learning takes place due to the performance of managerial functions.  It is logical to assume that development is a natural process and takes

place irrespective of whether it is planned or not.  

Planned development takes place when new experience is provided in the form of education and training.  The strategic aim of a development system is to check that the new experience is provided in the context of strategic tasks required for the implementation of strategy.

Changes in strategy or the adoption of a new strategy results in a modified set of strategic tasks.  Development system has to be activated in

such a manner that it prepares the managers to perform this modified  set of tasks.  The development system performs a vital function in strategy implementation.

Recruitment of personnel, if not available within the organisation, to handle the emerging strategic tasks.  Education and training of managers through internal and external training programs to impart knowledge, skills, and attitudes to managers for the performance of strategic taks.  Career planning and development of managers to prepare them to perform future strategic tasks.  Organisational development in the forms of planned intervention to ensure a smooth transition from one strategic phase to the next and minimise resistane to change.  

Four compentas of the development system may be used individually or jointly to implement the strategy of the organisation.

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