Man Behind Indian World Cup

History will remember the day when the India got their history rewritten after 1983 match by winning once again World Cup in Cricket, 2011. Each player has played a vital role. But the interesting thing is that the Man Behind Indian World Cup is the Indian Coach Gary Kristen who worked tremendously hard to make a strategy for India to make a big win. Lot of hard work and effort made by the Indians to get the same has resulted with wonderful result.

Gary Kristen came into India has a boom from God after the Greg Chappell left the India team.

Kristen took the role and shouldered the responsibility to build a strong Indian team with great effort. He not only motivated the players and also make the players realize that he is also one among them. He tried his level best to bring the team to a great start at the World Cup. Senior Indian Team players respected and loved him
a lot and he certainly deserves it.

Kristen made a strategy which resulted in winning world cup. Gary Kristen bought all the name and fame once again to the Indian Cricket which has struggling a bit before three years back. He put enthusiasm, hardwork dedication and made players to rule the world with bat and ball. Players also did their part well by showing their excellence in the field and giving the coach Gary much importance.

Gary might have enjoyed the game as the Indian team was defeating big team and making the dreams of Sachin and Gary to come true. Gary Kristen wants to go to his country South Africa with a big smile on his face to look after the family. India will be always indebted to this great man for rewriting the history of winning world cup once again after 1983. Gary Kristen role in the world cup will be remembered always.

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