1 Tip For Happy Married Life

Marriage is the union of mind but not always the body. People always misinterpret the same and relates the relation of body, not the mind. Marriage should always begin with union of mind. In simple words, the understanding of both partners. Marriage comes with all the responsibility one as to share with another. It also calls for sacrifice. To have a successful married life one should never try to conceal any fact from the another. Concealment breaks the pious relation between two individuals bonded by the marriage.
Marriage brings union of body also. There is nothing wrong in it. But

proper planning and making a strong relationship with mind is the desired attitude which can be expect from each other. Successful marriage backbone is proper understanding one other feelings and respecting the same. It should also bring closeness towards each other . We are surprised to find any relation lasting about 35 to 40 years now-a-days. This is because of lack
of time to spend time each other due to hectic work schedule. Couple hardly find anytime of spend for themselves. Specially the financial aspect has become a burden for the same.
The ultimate goal of oneself has become to earn money and money only. People feel secure if they possess huge money which they on spend on improving their lifestyle. It is good to earn money for improvement but not at the cost of family and health. In course of earning money, people generally forget to look after his or her own health leading to various health problems in future. Family also gets neglected. Society has turned the man into money minting machine. True marriage and its purpose is being crushed under the wheels of money making.
Finally to say, to have a successful married life one should try to spend much time with family, secure some wealth or money and keep a track on health record.

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