Keeping Good Health

Happy are those people who have blessed with good health. It is aptly said that health is wealth. One can enjoy the life and its beauty by possessing a good health. One can accumulate much wealth through hard effort. But, once the health goes out of control many problems may crop up. Thanks to the development of science and technology we can enjoy and make up good health.
The science of good health starts with the journey of eating right food at the right time. The place is also considered. The proper hygiene place also occupies an important role in

developing good health. People generally avoid dirty places and unhygienic environment. Balanced diet has to be maintained as schedule in our busy life.

Some people do skip breakfast and try to make any lunch which is not at all good from the health point of view. Having a breakfast is better than having right away lunch. Empty stomach sometimes may lead to various disorders. The

art of managing health can be better understand by visiting to a Dietician , who may provide us with valuable suggestions what to eat and the quantity of intake.
Exercise may also help in digestion and lot of calories are burnt during the same. Through proper exercise one can certainly keep good health. Yoga can be good for all. The practice of yoga regularly helps in keeping oneself fit and helps in reducing the mental tension.

Today’s life is very busy with lot of works to be done. It may not be possible for some people to look after their health at all the time. But trying to chalk out a programme for health purpose will help a lot. Nothing is better than keeping good health. Finally health brings happiness and joy not only in our life and also on the dependents.

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Pen is mightier than sword. It has always been and will be. Creative thoughts can be developed and circulated among the public to overall growth and development. Writing is the only way through which one can do the same. I have a deep inclination towards writing.

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