Kanchi Kamashi Temple

Kamakshi Temple is a famous temple of Goddess Parvati. Temple is located in the Kanchipuram, Chennai. Main deity, Kamakshi, is seated in a majestic Padmasana posture signifying peace and prosperity.

Goddess destroys evil and helps the prosperity of goodness . Auspicious occasion for Goddess Kamakshi are Navratri, Bhramotsavam and Pournami (Full Moon Day). Goddess is distinctively powerful in these times and it is even more auspicious to visit the temple in these days.
People who

visit Chennai and Kanchipuram try to have a darshan of the Goddess Kamakshi.

People offer their prayers at the feet of Goddess Parvati . Kumkum, Coconut, Flowers are the main offerings to the Goddess. Well accomodation is available at Kanchipuram for tourist. Prasad is also offered to the devotees and morning bath of the Goddess along with aarti is worth watching. Especially on Friday temple is full with devotees.

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