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Assam is the place where one can enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna. Admist the beauty there is a famous old temple of Mother Goddess Kamakya. The temple is worth visiting. One can reach the temple from Guwahati Railway Station . The temple is the most ancient one and people throng the temple to have a darshan of Mother Goddess Kamakya. The temple can also be approached by bus. People offer pray through Panda (priest). Panda sometime charge more from the tourist . The temple is on the hill and especially on Tuesday and Saturday attracts much devotees .


can also offer prayers at various temple beside the main temple. One has to enter into a deep cave full of darkness to have the darshan. The little shops near the temple sell sindoor, kumkum, flowers and fruits which are offered by devotion. The aarti is well watching and the temple observe the yearly festival when the soil is bleeds with blood. The same is considered to be the sacred and many people who
down to Kamakya for viewing the same. It is believed that Mother Goddess Sathi lower part has fallen on the soil of Kamakya and it is one of the Shaktipeeth temple.

Many prominent personalities and VVIPs do visit the temple to have darshan of the Mother Goddess. The Boarding and lodging facility is available at a nominal rate. The people can also visit the temple by climbing the steps. During rainy season the area become very slippery and little bit carefulness is required. Some people say that the animal sacrifice is still prevalent in the temple especially during the three days celebration of the yearly programme. One can also visit other temples nearby to the main temple including the shri hanuman and Navagraha. The Assamese foods especially the fish items are worth to taste. Various hand made products were also sold at nominal price by the local people.





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