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Just in Time - Merits and Demerits
Published By manas on 2011-03-18 411 Views

Just in time is great philosophy of continuous improvement which include three mutually supporting components people involvement, total quality control and flow. Characteristics of Just in Time are zero inventories, emphasis on operation from source to customer, emphasis on customer service and timing, less lead time, flexibility of operations, efficient flow, use of kanban and visibility.

Essentials for introduction of Just in Time are low variety, stability of demand, reliability of vendors, material quality from supply of raw materials, effective communication, efficient material handling, proper preventive maintenance, flexible workface, team work, quick and inexpensive setup and coordination of work centres.

Benefits from just in time include reduce inventories and work in progress, reduce space requirement and setup time, reduce process time, great employees participation and motivation, smoother workforce and method improvement, increase in productivity, improved products and services quality, improved customer service and commitment, more standard procedures for loading and unloading facilities.

Demerits of Just in time a high risk strategy because planning work is short term and the inventory level are kept to a minimum level. Inaddition product quality is a main issue with Just in Time Concept. Supplier need to be educated by the customer, and supplier should understand what is expected from them. The need for a continuous process of follow up of supplier’s development become critical, otherwise an organisation might forget the Just in Time Concept. It also revolves around the establishement of a long term business partnership.

Today due to the open market people area at cross roads and facing global competition. Many organisation or concern mostly manufacturing sector are forced to adopt Just in Time system along with new technology. It is needless to tell that it is not advisable to borrow some process technology and equipment bindly from country outside without considering conditions prevalent in the country.


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