Interesting Facts About Snakes

There are about 240 different kinds of snakes in India with very small blind snakes and as well as the big pythons and King Cobras. Most snakes are not venomous. Scientists tell that only about 50 out of the 240 snakes are venomous. Even these snakes will not hurt as long as we do not hurt them.

Non-poisonous snakes, the blind snakes, the shield tails, the colubrids, the vine snakes and the cat snakes are commonly seen by people. Blind snakes come out of the water taps and cause a lot of fear in people. Blind

snakes eat ants mainly. Shield tails eat earthworms and colubrids are large, people fear them very much. Vine snakes have beautiful smooth deep green colour are usually about a meter in length. Cat snakes have large eyes, thin body as long as the vine snakes brown in colour. Non poisonous snakes are useful to man as they eat rodents .

Poisonous snakes like King cobra, the Krait and includes different kinds of vipers. Pit Viper is marked irregularly with different coloured spots usually being black, yellow, brown, green and white.

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