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Importance of Vegetables in Ones Life
Published By manas on 2011-02-19 61 Views

We often hear that people say that they are busy with their own life. It is very difficult to find a person who is taking good care of his intake of food or say nutrition diet due to very busy schedule. It is prime duty of every person to take good care of his health and living a better life. Vegetables provide good amount of energy and other requirements for the day.
A fresh vegetable helps in developing a sound immune system. Green Leafy vegetables intake thrice a week will certainly help in good vision. Vegetables like carrot, beetroot, beans should be taken in more quantity. Intake of much potato will result in fatty and which is not a good sign of well-being.
Vegetables are easily digestible and can be got easily cooked. Avoidance of Oily, Spicy food as far as possible is a good sign for good health. Capsicum, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brinjal and other vegetables may support our diet but for the younger kids intake of leafy vegetables will help them in growth.
Vegetables are available in plenty at all markets. It is not adviseable to cook too much as it will spoil the taste of the recipe and but also be remembered that little cook is also harmful. Well cooked vegetables will provide us with good health.
Finally, have good leafy and other vegetables keep body fit and healthy mind.


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