How To Save

Saving is vital for everyone. But to what extent one should save for the future is the million dollar question which arise in everyone’s mind. The extent to which one can save for future also depends upon the need and differs from person to person. It is well known fact that future is uncertain and one has to secure his safety and also the members who are dependent on him. After much discussions and deep thinking people generally prefer to save a part of their salary or income and enjoy the rest with the family. The best way to
save is to investment the same in various secured projects . The income will comes from project may be reinvested and so on. The reinvestment gives an opportunity to increase the wealth.

Especially opening an account for children in bank and making them into deposit every month will help them in future career and can provide a strong

financial support. Working women can also do the same and enjoy the freedom from the financial crunch. Non working women can also try to save through discount purchase and save a little for themselves. The best form of saving is through investing under thorough study of every investment proposal. Investment is best because money will be secure and additional income may come in the form of dividends. A little hardwork and effort will help in developing self and others. Financial freedom can be enjoyed.

People always say that risk is involved in investment. But it is almost true that without risk there can’t be profit or income. One has to go through the same. It is always adviseable to save only certain part of our income and better to enjoy the rest as life is short and one should believe in living a full life with joy.

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