Hanuman And Surasa

On the seashore, Sampati, (a bird) brother of Jatayu appeared and told “ Ravan is the king of Lanka, an Island.It is about hundred Yojanas south of this seashore. Sita is there”.Who could cross the hundred Yojanas of the sea? Jambavan went to Hanuman and inspired him and Hanuman flew towards Lanka.

There was a mountain called `Mainaka” amidst the sea. Mainaka was pleased to receive Hanuman. He requested Hanuman

to take rest fro some time and then fly. Surasa, a demoness stood in the way of Hanuman and told she would eat him. Hanuman asked her to open her mouth wide. Hanuman contracted himself to a tiny form and flew into her mouth. Before surasa close such a wide jaw ,Hanuman flew out of it.

Hanuman reached Lanka.

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