Green Revolution - A Best Solution For Global Warming


World is becoming a centre for pollution.  Starting with health problems to ecological problems and not left behind is financial problem. God can only help us in this situation.  Ecological imbalance has resulted in Global warming, melting of ice and endangering our species .  It is not surprising that many species will become extinct in due course.

People should try to protect the environment by reducing the free flow of toxic substances, not allowing pollution to grow by leap and bound.  Without having a solution we (some) people are trying to create problems by indulging in all sort of activities in

the environmental scenario.

Green Revolution should be given priority in all the countries.  From school children to elderly person should try to make clean, green and lead a healthy life.   Spreading the message of greenery is as important as the message of spreading universal solidarity and peace.

Let us make our world a dream heaven with full of greenery and a great paradise to live in.  Let the philosophy of Live and Let Alive be followed in true spirit.


Article Written By manas

Pen is mightier than sword. It has always been and will be. Creative thoughts can be developed and circulated among the public to overall growth and development. Writing is the only way through which one can do the same. I have a deep inclination towards writing.

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