Glimpses Of Bangali Pujo

The festival of Dassera or Durga puja forms an integral part of every bangali family and they celebrate it with full joy and try to spend the Durga Puja vacation with family members and friends. They try to make the Puja of dreams with available resources. The decoration of Kolkata and other parts of the India are worth mentioning.

The following poetic lines shows the inspiration of the various pujo and having a bhog prasad at the end of pujo:

Lokhi Puja

On poornima day
Moon Shines bright
Atmosphere is quite
Maa Lokhi presence

Lokhi Narayan puja
Pandit performs
Brata katha, Pushanjali

by luchi

Looking photos
Durga Pujo
Wonderful laugh
Lokhi Pujo.

Kali Pujo

Tanthrik waits
Amavasya day
Everywhere dark
Kali pujo starts.

Pujo at Midnight
Children enjoy
Burn Crackers

Astonishing Experience
Bhog Prasad in morning
Everywhere dark
Kali pujo starts.

Bhai Fota

Remembering those days
We were together
Whatever you said
I never cared.

You want to express
Love with a tilak (fota)
Forehand remains dry
Waiting for you sister

Attachment is deep
Without you is poignant
I still miss you
Bhai Fota day sis.

Jagadhatri Puja

Remember Chandanagar
Jadadhatri Puja
Colourful decoration
Attractive lighting.

Maa’s sthapan
Mahasnan, puja
Wonderful arati
Follows pushpanjali

Mid day bhog
Enjoy it sure
Cultural programmes
Remember chandannagar.

Saraswati Pujo

Away from home
Make our home
February has come
Maa Saraswati advent.

Wake up early
Collect flowers,
Enjoy pujo gaiety.

Wearing yellow
Young and Old
Attend the pujo
Got blessings

Bhog Prasad

Taste different
Auspicious occasion
Enjoy the bhog
With devotion

Menu is same
Taste different
Navami Bhog Ghee Bath
Draws attention

Prasad contains laddu
Piece of bananas & kajur
Taste different
Auspicious occasion


Dhunochi Nach (Dance)

Performing dance
Full devotion
Step to step moment
Drumbeat rhythm

Wonderful start
Energy & concentration
Draws everybody’s attention
Towards performance

Joyful Atmosphere
Spreading fragrance
Make Goddess presence
Watch performance.

Dhak (Drum Beat)

Can you imagine
Pujo without dhak
Dhak is the heart
of Durga Pujo.


and Old
Dance to the beat
Generate the joy
Happiness indeed

Aarti is incomplete
Dhak indeed
Young and Old
Dance to Dhak beat.

Vijaya Sammiloni

Everyone tries to attend
Blessing from elders
Love for children
Vijay Sammilon

Misti Mukh
Full of sweets
Rasgolla, Sandesh
Good to taste (eat).

Everyone tries to attend
Blessing from elders
Love for children
Vijay Sammilon


Happy Durga Pujo !


Article Written By manas

Pen is mightier than sword. It has always been and will be. Creative thoughts can be developed and circulated among the public to overall growth and development. Writing is the only way through which one can do the same. I have a deep inclination towards writing.

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  • manas  28-08-2015

    BANGLA culture can be enjoyed the festivals of DURGA PUJA, LOKHI  AND KALI PUJA where pandals are full with people who are sharing their happiness and joy with each other.  In KOLKATA the entire joy of happiness can be felt through active participation in the same.

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