General Computer Maintenance

Computer users are mostly do not take proper care in maintaining the computer, accessories and printer due to which either system or printer is gets defective frequently. The following are the general guidelines to be followed by the computer users for maintaining the system properly.
1. On your first login change your password with minimum of 6 having Alphabetic, numerals and special characters.
2. Use your domain user name and password to access network resources.
3. Keep your computer free of dust and keep food and liquids away from the system.
4. The screen is usually dirty from oily fingers.

Clean the monitor with glass cleaner.
5. Keep the keyboard free from staple pins and others.
6. Do not use papers with staple pins and holes.
7. Empty the recycle bin on your desktop.
8. Delete the temporary internet files and clear history in your internet browser.
9. Make sure anti-virus software is updated and that it scans your computer regularly.
10. Uninstall
any programs you do not use, or that have mysteriously appeared on your computer.
11. Shutdown your system properly, without pressing the power button.
12. Always backup your data at frequent intervals.
13. After shutdown restart the machine only after 60 second interval.
14. Incase of problem contact hardware engineer or people or programmer.
15. Do not open the system.
16. Audio and picture distortion may occur if system positioned in close proximity to any equipment emitting electromagnetic radiation.
17. To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose your system or computer to rain or moisture.
18. Unplug all connected cables including power cord when you hear thunder.
19. Do not block air intake vents and air exhaust vents. It results on poor performance.
20. Ensure strict compliance accordingly.
21. Take necessary and immediate action at the problem arises at beginning itself.

Computer is an asset. It will give you everything provided you have some patience to look after it well.

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