Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is the policy of a state that governs its political, economic and cultural relations with other countries. It also determines the stand taken by a state over international issues. Foreign policy is a complex whole of principles, interests and objectives which a state formulates in conducting its relations with other states. A foreign policy serves two major objectives- national interests and global interests. No country exists in isolation and no country is wholly self-sufficient. The mutual interdependence of countries on each other for the fulfillment of their variegated needs has brought them
closer and has also given rise to both forces of collaboration and confrontation. It has therefore necessitated the need for a viable foreign policy. The formulation of the basic postulates of a country’s foreign policy is dependent on a number of factors, the major ones being national interests like security, stability
and development, international political and economic scenario, relationship with neighbours and last but not the least the structure and ideology of domestic government. A foreign policy of a country has a several country’s stand on political happenings in various parts of governments, interference in domestic affairs of other countries etc. The defence dimension ascertains a country’s stand on acquisition of weapons, nuclear policies etc and the cultural dimension aims at strengthening cultural relations and mutual understanding with other countries. Foreign policy and domestic policies of a country are mutually dependent. Constitutional, ideological and political changes in a country are bound to affect its relations with other countries and hence the foreign policy. A country with stable government and sound economy is likely to face less pressures from outside. Machiavelli even argued that foreign policy is a major instrument of an domestic government to keep citizens united for a common cause. Very country has its own foreign policy and regulations.

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