Fight Of Mayavi And Vali

 Shri Ram was suprised to see Lakshman. Lakshman explained his brother what happened in detail after he left. Ram and Lakshman searched for Sita in Cottage and started searching. They heard an ailing sound. Jatayu told about Sita and breathed his last.

On the way they found an ashram of Matang muni. The song of a Bhil woman Shabari near pampa lake draw Ram’s attention. He welcomed Ram and offered them with sweet berries. Ram and Lakshman reached the Rishyamook parvat. Sugreev was ousted by his own brother Vali.Once a demon Mayavi came to Kishkindha, the kingdom of Vali and challenged

vali for a duel fight. Both fought with valour. But Mayavi entered in a den. Valiasked Sugriv to guard at the entrance of the den till he return. Vali and Mayavi had a tight fight. They fought for several days.
Valid didn’t turn up even after a long time.

Sugriv Waited. One day he found a stream of blood coming out of the cave. He thought the demon with  magical powers might have killed his brother Vali. So he blocked the entrance with a huge boulder stone and returned to Kishkinda.

Sugriv declared himself the king of Kishkindha and the coronation ceremony was held. After a few days Vali returned to Kishkinda. Seeing his brother in the throne he was enraged. He kicked his brother Sugriv and ousted him from Kishkindha and also arrested his wife Tara and kept her in his palace. Sugriv was in misery and was hiding inthe mountain region where Vali could not come as the Sage Matanga had cursed him.

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