Facts About Brain

Brain has three main divisions having its own function. The cerebrum is the largest and best development section in the brain. Made up of many areas containing cells which control various parts of the body. Some areas perform the function of directing muscular activity allowing the head to be turned. Other areas are responsible for sight, hearing and speech. Cerebrum is the centre of intelligence and enables human being to reason and remember.

Cerebellum is a small section of the brain below the cerebrum and its main functions is to coordinate the movements of the limbs and also to control body

balance. Medulla Oblongata is an enlarged area which connects the brain to the spinal cord. It serves to regulate the activities of the internal organs and controls the heart beat .
It regulates all involuntary muscles. Parts of the brain are highly specialized . Totally they make up the complex organ that controls the nervous system.

Human brain grows very fast. Three months before its birth, the child’s brain weights one-fourth of the adult’s brain. In one year, the brain of a child is already 65% of the weight of the adult brain. At four years, the brain weighs 90% and at eight, the child’s brain is of the size of an adult’s and there is no further increase. The first four years are crucial for the development of the brain and if the child suffers from malnutrition, the damage to the brain may well be permanent.

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